Innovation Inspiration: Lifesaver Bottle

In his 2009 TED Talk, Michael Pritchard discusses his water filter technology designed to create safe, drinkable water out of the dirtiest water imaginable. Pritchard demonstrates the efficiency of the Lifesaver Bottle, using a mixture of pond water and sewage runoff to make sterile water. He even drinks this resulting water on stage!

Before the Lifesaver, filters were designed with pores of roughly 200 nm which were capable of capturing most bacteria. Viruses, however, are smaller than bacteria, down to 25 nm in size, and can pass through most filters. The Lifesaver filter has pores of 15 nm, designed to capture these viruses.

The bottle has a built-in hand pump which forces the water through the 15-nm filter, producing safe drinking water. This technology is used in both bottles as well as larger jerrycans and cubes.

Want more information, or to pick up a bottle for yourself? Check out their website at

Cool, right?!

Cover photo sourced from Lifesaver’s Instagram

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