Innovation Inspiration: Ocean-Wise 6-Pack Holders

We’ve all seen the photos: marine life trapped in plastic 6-pack holders, sometimes deformed and sometimes killed. I can’t imagine that anyone wants this.

Yet 6-pack holders are so common; a convenient way to get our packs of soda or beer from the store to our fridge. But ocean-wise and innovative people weren’t about to let this continue, and alternatives to the plastic rings are available! Many companies now use hard-plastic holders designed to be reusable, recyclable, and less harmful to marine life. In many Canadian liquor stores (because this is what I know), these hard-plastic holders are quickly becoming the norm.

Photo taken in a Canadian liquor store, all with hard-plastic holders

Other companies are even more innovative: E6PR (Eco Six Pack Ring) is working to remove plastic from the equation altogether by using by-product waste and compostable materials. These 6-pack holders take mere days to degrade safely in a composting facility, and they cause no harm to the environment. Check them out at

Cool, right?!

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