Take Me Scuba Diving

By Leandra Rhodes
April 8, 2019

I was made for the water.

If it’s swimming, diving, or simply spending hours on a boat, I want to do it. I don’t get sea-sick, no matter how bumpy the ride. Put me on the wildest zodiac or craziest white-water rafting trip, and I’m happy.

I was made for the water!

My mother likes to say it’s because I learned to walk on a boat and that I’ll never really feel comfortable anywhere else – which is fairly unfortunate for someone who grew up next to the mountains. But it means that I take the opportunity to get on, in, or under water whenever I can. Especially scuba diving.

Photos, including header photo, from Cambodia 2015

I learned to scuba dive in Cambodia. While other people struggled to breathe through the regulator or got sick from the motion of the waves, I was at peace. Geared up, cruising around at 30-feet-below-sea-level, I could slow my heart rate down to nothing to use as little air as possible and extend the dive time. It was down-right meditative for me.

Photos from the Galápagos Islands 2015

I love the world down there. There are still so many unknowns about the ocean; so many fascinating places to be explored and fantastical creatures to observe.

OBSERVE! You heard me. Now, I won’t pretend I haven’t been out with dive instructors who pestered a creature so that we could see it more clearly, or that I haven’t accidentally hit some coral with a fin. But it’s never sat right with me, and sometimes those currents are rough! I’m still learning and still trying to figure out how to properly communicate “please don’t touch them!” with underwater hand gestures.

So for any new divers out there, my plea to you is simply to be as gentle on the ocean as possible, even if it’s not so gentle on us.

Photos from Portugal 2017

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