My name is Leandra. I am the administrator and editor of this site, and I write a lot of the content. Hopefully one day I will no longer be the main contributor to this site, and I can say that the content displayed on these pages are an international effort. So let’s start off by thanking all past, present, and future guest writers!

So who am I?

I have degrees in chemical and environmental engineering, and I get pretty amped-up about anything related to environmental conservation and sustainability, particularly as it relates to water and WASH. Or animals, for that matter. Who doesn’t love animals?

Though I’m an engineer with a technical background, I’m very interested in sociology, anthropology, the human condition, and how all that relates to conservation and sustainability. This leads me to both read and travel a lot, helping me to understand as much of the world as I can. I also like to talk to people, so I learn a lot of interesting things that I then want to share.

Other than that, I’m a big road cyclist (yes, strictly road at the moment). I’ve been pretty lucky to be able to combine all my passions by exploring new areas on two wheels and learning about water-related issues.

Not sure that actually answers the question of “who am I?”, but it’s a start.

Hopefully you’re able to find something on this site that interests you. If you don’t, I wish you luck on your hunt!