Did You Know: Flip Flop Art

Flip flop art is made from old, discarded flip flops are up-cycled into incredible designs, and one of the most well known organizations to do this is an enterprise in Kenya called Ocean Sole.

My Month On An Island

In 2015, I was lucky enough to spend a month volunteering with a marine conservation project in Cambodia. Most days, we were scuba diving three times a day, every day. This meant gearing up in wet suits and oxygen tanks three separate times. This meant spending hours breathing through a regulator. This meant bathing in sea water and dealing with the tangled mess of hair later. This was my heaven. 

Guest Editorial: A Micro-World You Have To Know

In my search for a simpler and more coherent life, I asked a series of questions about what I was putting in my body, what I was eating, what medicines I used, and even what kind of makeup I put on. I came to understand the power of my choices when consuming a product, and my freedom to buy only from companies with the same values ​​as myself.
By Naty Gaiarim

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