Did You Know: Room For The River

Roughly one third of the Netherlands in below sea-level, and the country has experienced many floods that caused evacuations, destruction of farmland, and death. Room for the River is a program designed to give water a safe place to go in the event of flooding.

Water and Culture: Intro

The cultural values and traditions related to water can vary dramatically around the world based on changes in country, religion, economy, political tensions, and environmental conditions. These ties can be of extreme importance for ensuring sustainability in any interventions made in the water sector. This series will highlight the many different connections between water and culture in an effort to raise awareness about this particular topic.

Did You Know: Flip Flop Art

Flip flop art is made from old, discarded flip flops are up-cycled into incredible designs, and one of the most well known organizations to do this is an enterprise in Kenya called Ocean Sole.

Video Spotlight: This Is Water

This video is packed with wisdom about perception, gratitude, and conscious thinking. Wallace challenges all of us to alter our natural default setting and increase our awareness of the world around us.

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